Today in the city New London 25.09.2017
Bud Light Creates New Collectible 36-Pack Of Team Cans For 2017 NFL Season

After a successful 2016 campaign, Bud Light has unveiled its new team cans for the 2017 season and added aluminum bottles to the lineup.

Wow Air Has $69 Flights To Europe Right Now & We're Already Planning A Trip

If you want to go to Europe on the cheap, these days your best bet is the Iceland stopover. Both Wow Air and Icelandair are offering free stops in Reykjavik, which effectively means you get to explore...

NIH Institute Purges References To Climate Change, But Not Very Well

The NIEHS, part of the NIH, attempted to remove the phrase "climate change" from parts of its website recently. Although most references to climate change remain, the purge raises questions as to whet...

How a 24-year-old and a recent Indian immigrant built a billion-pound business with just £34,000

Paresh Davdra cofounded RationalFX when he was 24 with just a personal loan and proceeds from sale of his car; Today the foreign exchange company has revenue of more than £1 billion; Davdra shar...

China's New Capital Controls Expected To Slow Real Estate, But Improve Country's Economic Health

China's new capital controls on outbound foreign investment may reduce real estate investment in the short run, but may also help to tamp down corporate indebtedness and work toward State objectives.

Nars teams with Refinery 29 on London art exhibition

Nars is taking a new, more modern approach to marketing its latest lip product, Powermatte Lip Pigment. The cosmetics brand has teamed with the digital publishing platform Refinery 29 to host an art e...

Trump's man in London: Woody Johnson jets in as ambassador to UK

New York Jets owner and Republican mega-donor is checking in after an eight-month lapse in US representation. Does he have a clear strategy to follow?Robert Wood ‘Woody’ Johnson IV, the Johnson &...

Governor Purple Tie Says 93 MILLION Americans Die To Gun Violence PER DAY

Satanic NWO America, NWO London, NWO world, a fascist regime of criminals and liars and fakers who steal away peoples rights and freedoms in the name of security.

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